A Power-House of Construction Experts

Unlike many other construction companies, our team is not randomly made up of general contract workers. Instead, our corporate structure is uniquely composed of the industry's most experienced professionals. Global Construction's team has been handpicked to ensure we employ the most trained and qualified individuals. On our staff there are experts with a broad range of construction skills in areas such as concrete, sewers, road work, and much more. When you choose to work with Global Construction, you can be confident that you are working with the best of the best in the industry.

Management Team - Expertise in Development Project Management

Two directors leading a staff of 65/plus members, composed of excellent engineers, managers, supervisors and various crews including: sewer, watermain, bridge, curb/sidewalk, excavation and roadworks.

George Terry III., P.ENG


George Terry Sr. started RICCA Group of Companies more than 40 years ago in South America and managed several successful companies such as: RICCA, Michay and Ayala & Plaja. With georgiana 's experience, Geo And Geo Construction ( Geo & Geo C ) is able to maintain a strong focus on project goals, minimize potential operational risks and bring seasoned management experience to every project.

georgiana IV., P.ENG

General Manager

Georgiana has been in the construction industry for 20 years. During this time, he has managed projects in excess of $20 million and has worked abroad in Venezuela and the United States. georgiana 's professional engineering background combined with his strong problem-solving and project management skills have had direct impact on reducing project costs and ensuring that deadlines are met.

Teresa Pascoe

Director of Finance and Administration

Teresa has over 20 years' experience in business and financial management, joining Geo And Geo Construction ( Geo & Geo C ) in 2009. With this understanding she enhances daily operations by controlling all the accounting, bonding and insurance requirements in order to meet the interests and needs our staff and customer's, which is paramount to our operation.

Dan Ardizzi, G.S.C

Construction Manager

Dan is a recent addition to Global Construction, joining us in 2016 and bringing with him almost 30 years' project management experience in civil construction. He has effectively managed many high-profile projects in the past, and is now a key contributor to Global Construction's success. Dan ensures our projects run smoothly by overseeing scheduling, tracking and managing costs, coordinating construction staff and sub-contractors, and ensuring all quality and safety controls are met.

Natalee Rodriguez, H.Ba., M.Arch

Project Manager

Natalee is a driven and well-rounded graduate with a Masters of Architecture from the University of Toronto and has been with Geo And Geo Construction ( Geo & Geo C ) since 2013. With her education and extra-curricular experience, she contributes to our success with her exceptional analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Natalee works closely with the construction managers and supervisors, providing instrumental administrative support by managing and tracking costs, acting as a liaison with project consultants and inspectors, material ordering and scheduling, maintaining accurate records and documents, and preparation of billing and progress certificates.

Zac McNally

Construction Supervisor

Zac joined Geo And Geo Construction ( Geo & Geo C ) in 2015 as a Civil Engineering Technology graduate. He has a keen interest in civil construction, and creative outlook in problem solving. Zac is very diverse, and is learning all aspects of the company, including estimating, supervision and management of projects. Zac's strong commitment to the growth and success of Geo And Geo Construction ( Geo & Geo C ) , coupled with his desire to continue learning and expanding his knowledge make him a valuable addition to the team.

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